My name is Nabila Khan, and I was born and raised in Singapore. My mother’s from Pakistan, and my father is a second generation Singaporean Pakistani (or Indian, depending on how you look at it, since my grandparents moved here before the partition of India and Pakistan).

I just turned 19-years-old on 2nd February this year. Instead of going to university this fall, I’ve decided to take a gap-year to explore the things I’m passionate about! I hope to document these interests and share it here.

I love nature, sports, the Arts, debates, and I’ve recently developed a keen interest in computers and start-ups. I am also very fascinated by the human mind!

While a large part of my life has been spent in Singapore, I realise that I feel most in tune with myself when I’m exploring the unknown. I find great joy in learning, and challenging myself. This may be why I love adventures and I love travelling. Combine the two, and you’ll find a very bubbly, curious and smiley individual. So far, I’ve travelled to Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka and the U.S.A. I hope that in the next few years, I get to expand that list to many other countries. I am all for jumping at opportunities to immerse myself in different cultures.

Oh, as for my educational journey, I was from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, and I just recently graduated from Hwa Chong Junior College. I’m not sure what lies ahead of me, but I sure am ready to Carpe Diem.

With love,